Andrew Sharman, LIPPVA

Forged in love photography

Based in Cavan

My Photographer Disciplines

Art / Landscape, Commercial, Portrait and Wedding

About Andrew

How is it going :) thank you for popping on to check out my crazy love for wedding photography.

A little bit about me - He/Him, F1 fan, coffee obsessed, father to a fur (not so little)baby, Des Bishop once told me Luna was a good looking dog in Rialto, weakness for jellies, a bit cheeky, moms love me, average score of 4 on Wordle, bake off fan, sunsets over sunrises, Wedisson International award winner, Wedwar International Awards rising star, pineapple on pizza- Don’t judge me, lazy Sundays, not too fond of heights, Dermot Kennedy in the cd player, the lion king is the greatest movie of all time, cereal is better at night than the morning and coca-cola is better from a can!

I absolutely LOVE love, and from the first moment I picked up a camera all I wanted to do was to capture peoples happiest moments. My style is mainly documentary, with some creative flair thrown in

“For the ones who don’t mind your dress getting dirty, looking silly in love, will give it socks on the dance floor, who care more about how the day feels to how it looks, who want real emotions, real moments and real memories to look back on then you’re the people for me!!!”

Let the in between moments become your new favourite memories