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Based in Galway

My Photographer Disciplines

Commercial, Photojournalism and Portrait

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Commercial and Events

About Neil

Neil Warner is an award winning Corporate Photographer and Video Director.

He holds three fellowships and a european masters. He was Irish professional photographer of the year on three occasions. He has been British overseas Advertising Photographer of the Year.

His work has taken him from St Petersburg in Russia to San Diego in the Us and from Hanoi vietnam to Dubai.

Neil has a marketing background and studied communications at UCG and Digital Marketing at WBIC.

Neil studied photography at the Harrow School for Professional Photography on a scholarship from Kodak and at the Munich Levitecum on a scholarship from Agfa .

Neil is particularly interested in technology and is the leading image maker in the Medical device Sector.

He was only the 13th photographer to attain Masters Status (MQEP) for his Architectural photography.

Neil Warner is a past President of the IPPVA, where he served on two occasions.
Neil has been President of the 50,000 member of the Federation of European Photographers . he was founder member of the World Photo Cup awards. And he was a warded the Motts award by the Professional Photographers of America.

Neil is one of only two european photographers to receive the IPC leadership medal from the United Nations.