Janice O'Connell, AIPPVA

F22 Photography

Based in Cork

My Photographer Disciplines

Commercial and Portrait

About Janice

We are a leading Irish architectural and corporate photography studio working nationwide. f22 is a business moulded out of a strong sense of respect and dedication to our customers. We deliver award winning images, offering a unique, vibrant perspective to give our clients an edge at a cost tailored to meet the budget.

Established by award winning photographer Janice O’ Connell, BA, AIPPA, QEP, and is currently in good company with colleague & fellow photographer Áine Saunders, BA, BSc, MScIM, LIPPA. Working together to give our clients creative and technical excellence, using the most up-to-date equipment for both architectural and portrait photography.

Combining our Fine Art education with 25 years of practical experience. This allows us to understand what is important to each client's project, from one off bespoke houses to large scale developments & our unique corporate portraits.

Our philosophy is to look beyond the brief’s essential core requirements, to the client’s wider needs, maximising the potential of any given photoshoot.

Our aim is to make you successful. Ready, Set, Wow!


3 Morningside, Summerhill South, Cork City, Cork, Ireland, T12 V2TA