Claire O'Rorke, LIPPVA

Claire O'Rorke Photography

Based in Clare

My Photographer Disciplines

Commercial, Portrait and Wedding

About Claire

Since getting my first point and shoot camera I have loved photography. With encouragement from a great art teacher I put together a portfolio and made my way to study photography in DĂșn Laoghaire. If you asked me on graduation I would not have been a fan of the idea of wedding photography, but its an area that I kind of fell into and I am so glad I did. Its probably not cool to say, but I love weddings! Not the dresses and vintage car, or shoes, but happy people celebrating. Its infectious and fills me with joy!

Now the friends I made photographing their wedding come to me for family portraits so I am getting into this area more and more. I am finding it really exciting as I am discovering my own style in the area with very casual photo sessions at home. I feel this way of photographing families is so comfortable for families, they feel at home because they are, and their real personalities are revealed.

My favourite part of the job might be meeting different people from very varied walks of life. Regardless of the brief I want to make photos that you will love and feel are a great reflection of you, your family, your friends or your business.

Low key honest photography that is true to you.