IPPVA Code of Ethics

Each member of the IPPVA agrees to conduct their businesses professionally and ethically, in accordance with best industry practices. They agree to subscribe to the association’s Code of Ethics and understand that failure to conform to the code may result in suspension or termination of their membership of the association.

Members Responsibilities towards their Clients

Each member of the IPPVA hereby agrees: 

  • That all pricing will be clearly stated and agreed with customers & clients before the commencement of any Assignment. Any extra charges must be made known to the customer or client before they are incurred. 
  • The customer or client will have the Assignments carried out at the specified time and by the specified photographer/videographer. Any changes to the Assignment Schedule must be agreed upon with the client prior to the commencement of the Assignment. If for any reason there is a change to the specified photographer/videographer, the customer or client must be informed of this in advance.
  • That Assignments must be delivered by the agreed deadline. If there is to be a delay for any reason, the customer or client must be informed of this delay as soon as possible. 
  • Whether the deliverables are digital files or film, the photographer undertakes to use an efficient archive and retrieval system for assignments in order to have them available to the customer or client in the future.
  • That all debts to suppliers etc. be discharged in a timely fashion. 
  • To register with the Revenue Commissioners for Income Tax and V.A.T. (if applicable), with the Registrar of Business Names and/or Company Registration Office and discharge all debts to them in a timely fashion. 
  • To keep proper books and records for Tax and VAT purposes, and in the case of companies, discharge all relevant information to the Company Registration Office in a timely fashion. Also – where appropriate- to carry out all duties as an employer according to current legislation, and discharge all relevant documentation to do with your staff in a timely fashion. 
  • Not to knowingly breach any laws of the land, in particular, the Copyright and Related Acts 2000, and in particular by copying other photographers’ or videographers’ work without obtaining their expressed written permission.
  • Not to breach client confidentiality, by disclosing any information in connection with the Client or Assignment to a third party during or following the assignment. 
  • Never to “pass-off” another photographer or videographer’s work as your own under any circumstances. 
  • That a suitable Insurance Policy is taken out in the name of the photographer or videographer and/or Studio which will indemnify against Public and/or Employers Liability and will assist with Professional Indemnity and against any possible Litigation. 

Members Responsibilities towards the association and fellow members

Each member of the IPPVA hereby agrees: 

  • The member shall pay their subscriptions fees in a timely manner, within thirty days of receiving the request for payment. All other fees are payable on demand.
  • The member shall act in a professional and courteous manner at all times when communicating and interacting with clients, suppliers, fellow members and any other bodies when conducting their business.
  • The member shall abide by this Code of Ethics and Social Media Policy as issued by the Council. 
  • The member shall endeavour to provide clients with a standard of excellence of photo/video and customer services at all times. 
  • The member shall respond to a request for assistance or advice on photo/video matters from another IPPVA member with courtesy and support. 
  • In the event of a dispute with a client or another member, the member shall enter the IPPVA’s arbitration procedures, and shall communicate in a professional and timely manner during that arbitration. The member shall abide by the recommendations of the arbitration process. 
  • The member shall endeavour to assist and support the IPPVA at all times, on the basis that the IPPVA is strongest as a team entity rather than a collection of individuals. 
  • The member shall not bring the reputation of the IPPVA into disrepute, or cause any harm to the reputation of the IPPVA in any dealings with other any bodies, people or entities by any method, including social media platforms. Any comment that would discourage non-members from joining or current members to leave shall be deemed as a serious breach of membership terms and may result in expulsion. The member shall abide by any additional responsibilities as may be directed by the IPPVA council to further the objective of maintaining the reputation of the IPPVA. 
  • The member understands that failure to adhere to these responsibilities and/or failure to continue to meet the eligibility criteria may result in expulsion from the IPPVA without any recompense or reimbursement of paid fees. 
  • When no longer a member of the IPPVA, the member shall not use any IPPVA related titles or benefits, awards or any other consideration in the operation of their business. 
  • The member shall not engage other parties on official IPPVA business without permission granted by the Council.