Sharon Smith, LIPPVA

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About Sharon

My favourite thing to do is photograph people who believe they are not photogenic, who have low self-esteem when it comes to body image and who struggle with a positive sense of self. I can see the healing that comes from having a photo session where YOU are the subject - the part it can play in helping you on your journey of self-acceptance.

When you get to see yourself made into a work of art it can totally transform how you view yourself. Seeing yourself through someone else's eyes will help to hush the inner critic, the voice that is always telling us we are not good enough. Suddenly you can see - actually I AM beautiful, my body IS a work of art and I AM WORTHY.

Worthy of love, worthy of respect, both from others but more importantly, from myself.

I have a particular interest in the lived experience of the transition to motherhood, the positive body image movement and the use of therapeutic photography.

My own journey as a mother informs my work. It was a transition that took me by surprise. I know what it is to love a child and I know what it is to have days so dark you want to hide, even from yourself. I know what it is to not recognise your body, to feel completely out of touch with it. And how negatively this affects your sense of self.

Sometimes we can’t see the beauty in the life we are living. But as we grow older there will come a time when we can look back with fondness and even compassion for our younger selves.

My aim is to capture the beautiful, authentic you and to help you feel comfortable with the process.  I love what I do because not only do I get to have my dream job, I also get to look after the people who come in front of my camera.

I want to honour the ‘ordinary’ and to show just how extraordinary it actually is.