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Vacation Family Photographs in Ireland

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Top 10 Reasons to have a Vacation Family Photo Session in Ireland

Article Written by Marie O’Mahony Photography

Vacation family photographs in Ireland. A family photograph on the cliffs of Moher

Ireland is one of the most beautiful and popular vacation destinations in Europe. For some, coming to Ireland is a once in a lifetime experience, for others, it may be a time to reunite with family and friends, and then there are the people who fall in love with Ireland and visit over and over again. Regardless of how long you stay, there is one thing you can be guaranteed to do – take pictures. 

Between the Irish landscape and the memories you make, you’re sure to fill up your phone library. If you’re going to take loads of pictures anyway, why should you hire a photographer for a family photo session? Here are my my top 10 reasons:

1. So that everyone can be in the pictures!

There’s always one person who takes more pictures than anyone else, and usually it’s mom. But how sad would it be to be looking through these photos and missing someone? I get it, I prefer to be taking the pictures myself rather than be in them. But I don’t want my family to miss me. I don’t want them to forget I was even there. I want to have pictures of me with my children, or my husband, or my best friends – regardless of wind-swept hair and muddy shoes. Pictures are memories, and everyone deserves to be a part of the memories.

A family enjoys the beautiful views on the Cliffs of Moher. Family photographs in Ireland

2. Discovering the hidden gems & locals-only locations with your photographer.

There are the big names, the must-sees, the top places to go in Ireland. They are that for a reason. The Cliffs of Moher, Blarney Castle, Temple Bar – they are well worth visiting. But when you have a photo session with a local photographer in Ireland, you’ll be shown the little pockets of beauty that you’d never find on your own. It might be only 10 minutes away from O’Brien’s Tower, or a beach no one knows about, or a pub with the best music, but these are the things that can make your trip truly memorable, a highlight very few people get to experience.

Two children exposure the rugged Irish landscape. Family photographs in Ireland.

3. So that you can enjoy the moment.

Visiting Ireland is fun, simple and wonderful fun. Exploring castles, tramping across muddy fields, feeling the cliff winds, warming your hands at a peat fire in Bunratty. It’s fun. And it’s so much more fun if you don’t have to worry about taking pictures at the same time. Let your photographer document your memories, and you get to focus on what really matters.

A father and son enjoy a vacation in Ireland.

4. So you have more than selfies.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good selfie. I’ve printed them, saved them, made them my profile picture. Selfies are one of the best parts of modern life. But I want more than just selfies, and a professional photographer can make sure to get all the photos you want.

A couple take a selfie on their vacation in Ireland

5. Photos of the beautiful landscapes with you in them.

Everywhere you look, Ireland has the most stunning landscapes, with iconic stone walls and green fields, romantic ruins, fields scattered with sheep, and mysterious woods. It’s one thing to look at the views, it’s another thing to be there, and when you have photos of you and your family in the countryside, or the beaches, or the pubs and cafes, it will bring so much more meaning & magic to your memories.

A couple explore the Irish landscape on their vacation in Ireland

6. To mark an important event, like getting engaged!

Can you imagine being able to tell someone that you got engaged in Ireland? And then be able to show them how and when and where? How cool is that!?

Or maybe it’s time to celebrate an anniversary, a vow renewal, an elopement, an accomplishment, or even just a long-awaited dream – do it in Ireland and have the pictures to go along with the best stories ever!

A couple who have gotten engaged capture it in stunning photographs on their vacation in Ireland

7. Because it’s a chance to get all your family in a photo

Some people go back to Ireland to see their family who lives there. And some families all go together, both are a perfect excuse to update those family photos!

A beautiful extended family portrait. A vacation in Ireland captured in photography.

8. For your Christmas card

Every year I get a handful of Christmas cards with family photos on them, and they are my favourites. I love seeing how kids have grown, or where they’ve gone, or what they’ve done. If you’ve been in Ireland, I guarentee there are people looking forward to your Christmas card this year.

A gorgeous family photograph taken while on vacation in Co. Clare in Ireland

9. Because you got to stay in a CASTLE!

Not everyone can just wander into a castle for photos, if you are staying somewhere Dromoland or Adare, Ashfield or Kilronan, you’ll be able to have your family photos somewhere incredibly special. And whether it’s sunny or rainy, there will always be a perfect backdrop. Because, well, it’s a CASTLE! 

A happy girl smiling in the rain on vacation in Ireland

10. To return to Ireland any time you want.

Why do we take photos? To remember. To experience something over and over again. Whether you take an hour for a traditional family photo session, or you are able to have a full Day in the Life on vacation, these photos will bring you back to Ireland every time you look at them. 

A young girl laughs in a photograph while being on vacation in Ireland

There are so many more reasons to have your family photos taken in Ireland, but whether you hire a local photographer to do that, or you take your own photos along the way – I hope you enjoy every moment of your time here!


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