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An Interview with Award-Winning IPPVA Videographer Shane Prunty

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IPPVA videographer Shane Prunty was the runner up in Wedding Videography Instagram Edit category and came in 3rd place in the Wedding Videography Short Film category.

The IPPVA sat down (virtually) with wedding videographer Shane Prunty to talk to him about his 2021 award-winning wedding videos — 2nd place in Instagram Edit and 3rd place in Short Film — and what he has planned for the future.

Shane shoots weddings using a documentary style, letting the day unfold naturally. His aim is to capture candid moments and tell the story of the day as a simple observer in a way that is true to the individuality of each couple. 

bride and groom in front of purple flowered shrub
Shane Prunty — 3rd Place, Wedding Videography, Short Film

Would you share with us a little bit of background on the awarded work? 

The Instagram edit was filmed in Penha Longa Resort in Portugal — a stunning venue set in a nature reserve in Sintra, just north of Lisbon. I spent a week in and around Lisbon checking out the wedding venue and getting a real feel for the pace of Portuguese life. I wanted to capture the hustle and bustle of Lisbon City and the contrasting quiet beauty of the nature reserve where the wedding was set.

The chapel itself was an old 14th-century monastery with stunning architecture and old ruins which we used for the couple’s shoot. Traveling abroad and experiencing a new place is always a plus. I’m grateful to have had the chance to shoot this one for such a lovely, warm couple.

Wedding Video by Shane Prunty awarded 2nd Place in the ‘Instagram Edit’ category.

The longer film was shot at Borris House, an exclusive 16th century castle set in the Irish countryside. It was the perfect setting for this beautiful, black tie wedding. 

Wedding Video by Shane Prunty awarded 3rd Place in the ‘Short Film’ category.

We know a lot of our readers will love to hear more about gear, equipment and post-treatment/editing. Tell us more.

In terms of equipment I try to keep everything as simple as I can. I film mostly handheld with 2 Lumix GH5’s. This allows me to move freely, mostly unnoticed throughout the day. I also use a Mavic Pro drone and Sony TX650s for sound.

What are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I am editing some smaller weddings I filmed at the end of last year, like this one with Jenny and Ian:

I know it’s tough having to downsize but there is a real intimate feel to these smaller events. We’ve been through a lot of uncertainty this past year, and those who choose to go ahead are absolutely determined to make the most of it, which is inspiring to see.

I had to postpone my own wedding last September, and with our new date approaching in the coming months, we’ve had to adapt a lot, reducing the guestlist from 250 to possibly 25. It’s stressful but it has helped us to reevaluate and focus on what is really important to us on the day.

I created this video during the Summer with the aim of giving couples a little glimmer of hope for their big day:

Aside from weddings, I have been developing my skills as a photographer in my spare time, as well as moving into videography for commercial clients. What the pandemic has taught me, is never to get complacent! We need to keep moving and adapting to our circumstances in order to push forward. 

Is there a particular movie or artist that has inspired/moved you in the past?

The cinematographer Roger Deakins of course is inspirational. His body of work is unbelievable. I studied his film The Shawshank Redemption in film studies in secondary school which was one of the first times I really gained an interest in the world of film.

I get inspired watching great work. TV series’ have come a long way. I’ve recently watched Ozark and The Crown, both of which are so beautifully shot.

For the past couple of years, my focus has been on storytelling and the communication of this through video. I just finished a book called The Science of Storytelling, by Will Storr, which I would highly recommend to any creative storyteller or videographer. 

wide angle shot of bride and groom standing under old stone wall in Lisbon
Shane Prunty — 2nd Place, Wedding Videography, Instagram Edit

Have you had any other professions before becoming a videographer? Did you study videography or are you self-taught?

I have always had a keen interest in videography, though it wasn’t until 2014 that I properly pursued it as a career. I completed a Film Production course at Pulse College in 2014 and started second-shooting at weddings as a photographer with my sister Michelle Prunty. She has been an amazing help over the years.

My advice to anyone starting in the wedding industry is to start second-shooting because it’s a stress-free way to gain valuable experience. 

bride and groom at entrance to church
Shane Prunty — 3rd Place, Wedding Videography, Short Film

What would be your 3 main tips for a videographer with a strong portfolio of personal work wanting to start a business?

  1. Throw yourself in at the deep end! It can be daunting at first but you will learn so much on the job. Don’t get too caught up with books or courses — the best lessons you’ll learn are the real-life ones.
  2. Don’t compare yourself to others and find your own style — this will take some time. 
  3. Get an accountant!
Silhouette cloes-up shot of a bride and groom kissing
Shane Prunty — 2nd Place, Wedding Videography, Instagram Edit

What would you most love to shoot right now if Covid restrictions weren’t a reality? What do you miss the most?

I miss everything about weddings! I miss meeting new people — seeing them interact and celebrate together. I miss capturing real emotions — those of joy, excitement, and laughter. It seems like there is still a lot of uncertainty ahead and not knowing when we’ll get back to some sense of normality is difficult.

I have a new genuine appreciation for what I do and for the people to welcome me in and trust me to tell their story. I love the challenges that come with filming a couple’s day and I’m really looking forward to getting back into it.


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As an Irish wedding videographer I use a very minimal and simple approach to filming weddings in Ireland. My wedding films are made artistically with a cinematic style that doesn’t intrude on the couples’ wedding day. My documentary style of shoo...

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