Sheena Jolley, LIPPVA

Sheena Jolley Photography

Based in Cork

My Photographer Disciplines

Art / Landscape

About Sheena

As a photographer I have worked in some of the most visually diverse locations including Africa, North America, Galapagos, the Caribbean, and very widely in Ireland. I have been involved in many projects the most interesting being my contribution to the documentary “Na Redlegs: Ireland’s Sugar Slaves” photographing the poor white community in Barbados, descendants of Irish people deported by Cromwell. I have also produced a short documentaries namely “Wildways” filming the life cycle of a heron colony in Kinsale

My work has featured many times in a number of national and international publications such as the Irish Wildlife Trust magazine, the Irish American magazine, The Royal Geographical Society magazine, broadsheets such as the Irish Examiner and the Irish Times, and on regional TV and radio. I have had many solo exhibitions of my wildlife images and now have my own gallery in Schull. I am dedicated to capturing stunning images that tell stories of the indigenous wildlife of Ireland and have received many significant awards including the IPPVA Winner Best Wildlife Portfolio.

Last year I was invited by Irish Cement to photograph the biodiversity within their quarry and surrounding 500 hectares. My passion for wildlife photography stems from my love of nature, and my pursuit of beauty and authenticity in my work. My aim is to hold a mirror up to nature to record the smallest detail and the briefest moments to provide a lasting impression of our inspiring natural heritage. In this way it is the subject that is valued not the eye that takes it. I embrace this opportunity to not only document what I see but also express how I experience each moment. It is the soul that should respond to an image as well as the eye.


The Mill House Gallery, Coosheen, Schull, Cork, Ireland, P81 XF64