Sheena Jolley, LIPPVA

Sheena Jolley Photography

Based in Cork

My Photographer Disciplines

Art / Landscape

About Sheena

I was born in Wicklow, Ireland. In photographing wildlife I am able to combine my artistic ability with my knowledge and love of nature.

I have a realistic approach to wildlife photography. My aim is to hold a mirror up to nature to record the smallest detail and enchant the eye. In this way it is the subject that is valued not the eye that takes it.

I want to show the viewer our beautiful and inspiring natural heritage, and focus on freezing the briefest of moments. I like to capture motion, the momentary eye contact with an animal or bird, the light in an eye, the transient light at dawn and dusk, and moments that are too fast to be easily seen by the naked eye. I strive to capture these moments by taking people closer to see better the detail, colour and spirit of a wild creature.

All these aspects provide a lasting impression that I hope enthuses and excites the onlooker.It is the soul that should respond to an image as well as the eyes.


The Mill House Gallery, Coosheen, Schull, Cork, Ireland, P81 XF64