Membership Renewals Terms & Conditions

Memberships are handled by the website

Renewal fee for full members:

  • The Yearly Membership fee is €275 since 2022.
  • Monthly Payments are €25 / month (€300 / year).

There are two payment options available:

  • Pay a single renewal fee to renew your membership for a full year.
  • Opt for Automatic Monthly Payments. Note that if you choose this option, all 12 payments are due and you are renewing your membership for a full year.

Fees will be payable via credit card or debit card. No payment details will be retained by the IPPVA.

To remain a member of the IPPVA on an ongoing basis you will be required to actively pay your membership renewal on time (either in full, or by opting for the monthly automatic payments) as indicated in the member dashboard.

Any members who have not made a payment by this time will be removed from the website and their membership of the association will lapse.

Some other important points to note:

  • Honorary and life members are not required to pay a membership fee, but we do ask that you inform the IPPVA if you have retired from public practice.
  • All practicing members are required to retain professional indemnity and public liability insurance regardless of whether they are required to pay a renewal fee or not.
  • If any member is in genuine financial difficulty but wishes to remain a member, please let the office know as soon as you can. Your situation will be treated sensitively and confidentially.

Studio Members

Discounts are available to studios employing multiple photographers.

How does it work?

  • Note that members joining under a studio membership must share a business name, address, and website URL to be eligible.
  • Each member will be required to join under his/her own name and hold their LIPPVA qualifications.
  • The first member of the studio will be charged the standard membership fee (€275).
  • Subsequent members will get a 20% discount (€55 credit). If you are a studio member, it will already be applied in your dashboard.
  • If there are any changes that would affect your studio discount, please get in touch with the office on


I don’t have a login or I lost my password. How can I get one?

If you know an account has been created but you have lost the password, visit and click on “Forgot your password?” or visit and enter the email used for your account.

If you do NOT receive an email to reset your password (check your spam folder), get in touch with us at – we know some hosts are blocking emails coming from the website and while the developers are working on this we can switch your account email to a different email (Ex: Gmail).

If you’re not sure whether an account exists or which email is associated to your account, please email the office.

I got an error saying my “card is declined”.

Here are a few reasons why your card may have been declined: Expired Card / Incorrect Card Number / Insufficient Funds / Card Restrictions.

We recommend you check your bank account for funds first and double-check the digits.

If these weren’t the issues, you can contact your bank for more information about the failed transaction or reach out to the office to inquire why your card was declined.

Can I pay via direct debit?

Not right now. Direct debits have been phased out.