Membership Renewals Terms & Conditions

Membership renewals are now handled by the website

Your renewal fee is calculated as follows:

  • New renewal fee (€250) due for 2021 plus
  • any outstanding membership fee due for 2020 minus
  • any outstanding credit that was applied due to Covid-19 in 2020.

There are two payment options available:

  • Pay a single renewal fee (including any outstanding payment due for 2020, if relevant) to renew your membership for a full year.
  • Spread the total payment due over four quarterly installments throughout the year. Note that if you choose this option, all four payments are due and you are renewing your membership for a full year.

Fees will be payable via credit card or debit card. No payment details will be retained by the IPPVA and your membership will never auto-renew. All members will receive notification of upcoming due dates for future renewal payments.

To remain a member of the IPPVA on an ongoing basis from 2021 you will be required to actively pay your membership renewal on time (either in full, or by making the first quarterly payment) as indicated in the member dashboard.

Any members who have not made a payment by this time will be removed from the website and their membership of the association will lapse.

Some other important points to note:

  • Honorary and life members are not required to pay a membership fee, but we do ask that you inform the IPPVA if you have retired from public practice.
  • All practicing members are required to retain professional indemnity and public liability insurance regardless of whether they are required to pay a renewal fee or not.
  • If any member is in genuine financial difficulty but wishes to remain a member, please let the office know as soon as you can. Your situation will be treated sensitively and confidentially.

Studio Members

Discounts are available to studios employing multiple photographers.

How does it work?

  • Note that members joining under a studio membership must share a business name, address, and website URL to be eligible.
  • Each member will be required to join under his/her own name and hold their LIPPVA qualifications.
  • The first member of the studio will be charged the standard membership fee (€250).
  • Subsequent members will get a 20% discount (€50 credit). If you are a studio member, it will already be applied in your dashboard.
  • If there are any changes that would affect your studio discount, please get in touch with the office on


I don’t have a login or I lost my password. How can I get one?

If you know an account has been created but you have lost the password, visit and click on “Forgot your password?” or visit and enter the email used for your account.

If you do NOT receive an email to reset your password (check your spam folder), get in touch with us at – we know some hosts are blocking emails coming from the website and while the developers are working on this we can switch your account email to a different email (Ex: Gmail).

If you’re not sure whether an account exists or which email is associated to your account, please email the office.

The outstanding amount in my dashboard doesn’t look correct.

Despite all the checks made while transferring the renewal amounts to the new website, a human error is always possible. If you believe your membership renewal amount isn’t correct, please contact the office.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while the transition takes place and we iron out any issues.

If I renew using the quarterly payment plan will you take the money every quarter? Or annually if I renew in full?

No. At no point will your membership ever be automatically renewed – any time you have an upcoming payment (quarterly or yearly) due you will receive notice via email and when you log into your profile, and you will have to actively make a manual payment via credit or debit card.

I got an error saying my “card is declined”.

Here are a few reasons why your card may have been declined: Expired Card / Incorrect Card Number / Insufficient Funds / Card Restrictions.

We recommend you check your bank account for funds first and double check the numbers.

If these weren’t the issues, you can contact your bank for more information about the failed transaction or reach out to the office to inquire why your card was declined.

Can I pay via direct debit?

Not right now. Direct debits have been phased out. Other automatic payment options may be available in the future.

I am not sure if I owe money for 2020 as it is. How will I know, and will I need to pay that in full if I do?

For accounts which have an outstanding balance due for 2020 (after the Covid-19 credits have been applied), the outstanding balance will be added to the 2021 renewal fee and will be detailed in your profile when you log in.

The total due for 2020 and 2021 can be spread over the 4 quarterly payments, or paid in full if you wish.

I am not sure I can afford to renew my membership but I would like to remain a member. What can I do?

We appreciate that many members are suffering financial hardship due to the rolling lockdowns and that some may struggle to pay their renewal fee. If you are in this position, please make contact in confidence with the office where Carmel will deal with your situation sensitively and discuss options. We would like to retain all members of the IPPVA through 2021 if at all possible, but we do have to address the reality that the association itself is in a precarious financial position.

Why should I renew my membership?

2020 has shown the need, perhaps more than ever, for a representative association for photographers and videographers in Ireland with the structures, administration and contributors to work together in the interest of the industry. We led the way on lobbying for our industry, and while we may at times seemed to have struggled to have our voices heard amongst the mass of lobby groups from every single sector of society, we did bring awareness of our plight to the inboxes of TDs across the country, and obtained media coverage in print and national radio.

Beyond the pandemic, we have invested in the new website, have continued to develop a best-in-class awards program, and have rolled out a year-round training programme for members in conjunction with SkillNet Ireland covering a wide range of practical business topics.

As ever, and quietly, we have continued to help individual members with day-to-day challenges such as difficulties with clients, copyright issues, legal supports and business advice.

We continue to grow the association in both photography and videography genres, are working to roll out a formal mentoring programme open to all members, and have an active set of volunteers on council and in pods working to expand and improve all aspects of the association. We’d love you to stay on the journey with us as we move well into our eighth decade of existence.