May 24, 2021 | News

New IPPVA Council Member — Colm Kerr

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The IPPVA is delighted to announce that commercial photographer and videographer, Colm Kerr, of Arc Studios has joined the council of the IPPVA.

Colm Kerr — IPPVA Council Member

Colm shoots commercial Photo and Videography in a wide spectrum — on industries from construction projects to manufacturing facilities, and the hospitality sector whenever it is open, countrywide.

We asked Colm what were his thoughts on joining the council:

I’m excited to join the council to help promote the principles and knowledge that is involved with professional photography and videography.

We also asked him what he hopes to achieve with the council:

To reach a level of awareness in the public and corporate world that the IPPVA is the first place they look when requiring our service.

And, finally, Colm was asked if he’s working on anything interesting at the moment:

At the minute I am working on some promotional video content for ARC Studios while we are quiet.


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