December 15, 2020 | Showcase

2020 through the eyes of IPPVA members

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2020 was a year that will be undoubtedly and largely defined by the Covid-19 global pandemic. Its arrival had a devastating impact on photographers and videographers all over the country and resulted in our profession being effectively brought to its knees.

The pandemic brought with it new challenges and completely changed how we live, work and connect with each other but throughout 2020, IPPVA members proudly continued to document and photograph the world around us. Not only did Covid-19 profoundly affect the fabric of our society, it also infiltrated the lens through which our members viewed the world around them. 

IPPVA members captured and produced some incredibly impactful and meaningful imagery in 2020. This article showcases a small collection of some of the personal & professional projects that we have worked on over the past 12 months.

Naoise Culhane –

Mel Maclaine –

Johanna King –

Melinda Conaty –

Deirdre Rusk –

Greta Do –

Ryan Devereux –

Vincent O’Byrne –

Liam Kidney –

Michael Donnelly –

Kevin Kheffache – 

Naoise Culhane –

Ailbe Collins –

Elaine Barker –

John Murphy –

Mark Maxwell –

Lorcan Brereton –

Niall Mulligan –

Phil Voon –

Rashida Keenan –

Ronan Palliser –

Paul O’Connell –

2020 in Review – Slideshow

For more samples of the stunning imagery that our members have produced, click here to view a slideshow:

Kevin Kheffache, IPPVA President

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