Neil Lennon, LIPPVA

Studio Lugh

Based in Longford

My Photographer Disciplines


About Neil

I always loved photography and finally got a job as an assistant in a Parisian studio in 1994. I worked my way up the ladder to become second and first assistant to world-famous photographers doing editorial and campaign around the world's hotspots.
I moved back home to Ireland in 2011 and set up my own studio, Studio Lugh in 2013. I'm essentially concentrated on product photography, jewellery in particular, but my old penchant for beauty and fashion pops up now and then in the form of jewellery lookbooks and campaigns.
Jewellery photography is tough but very satisfying. I have learned a lot of new techniques in the seven years I've been supplying photos to DCCOI makers and designers.


Clooneen, Longford, Ireland