John Sexton, LIPPVA

John Sexton Photography

Based in Cork

My Photographer Disciplines

Art / Landscape, Commercial, Photojournalism, Portrait and Wedding

About John

Located in Blarney, Co. Cork, John Sexton Photography specialises in Wedding, Portrait & Corporate/Commercial Photography. John’s Wedding Photography is a mix of Photo-Journalistic / Reportage, as well as Contemporary Posed / Editorial photography.

John also has a Masters’ Degree in Digital Image Manipulation, which means that Client’s images are technically superb, and any post-image manipulation on the computer, if required, is easily and expertly achieved as part of his service.

When it comes to Wedding Photography, John has learned one key lesson over the years, that being that his number one priority on the Wedding day, is to ensure that the Bride & Groom enjoy every minute of their Special day, and that the Wedding Photography itself should in no way intrude on this key requirement. Hence, John will often stay in the background and let events unfold for themselves and will capture special moments candidly, only to pop-in when required, to help pose one or two images.

The feedback from Clients to this approach is very positive indeed. “ We didn’t even know you were there … “, or, “ .. you were great, you captured everything we needed, and yet you didn’t push anyone around … “. Nothing appears to upset the Bride and Groom more, than to be ordered or pushed in directions they don’t want to go, or being interrupted at key moments of their day.