Dermot Sullivan, LIPPVA

Photography by Dermot Sullivan

Based in Cork

My Photographer Disciplines

Commercial, Photojournalism, Portrait and Wedding

About Dermot

I was born and raised in Dublin. My dad ran a bar in the shadow of the Spire, just off O’Connell St, where I worked my weekends and summers as a teenager.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but that was where I first learned, from his example, about working with the public, about customer service and how to communicate with people and put them at their ease.

This is a something that I have developed and carried forward throughout my life and that I now use in my photography to help me to create a comfortable and relaxed experience for my clients.

Wedding photography ticks all my boxes. It is a creative challenge to produce a successful range of photographs on the day, whatever the weather. You need to be a portrait photographer, a landscape photographer, a product photographer and an event photographer rolled into one.

But for me, good social skills and a friendly positive attitude are just as important as photography skills on a wedding day, and for those, I have to thank my Dad!